What is Confirmation?


Confirmation is not simply a “rite of passage” or just a class to complete. It is a step in a life-long journey of pursuing the heights, depths and widths of God’s love and making a vow to live in relationship with Jesus for the rest of our lives!  You do not need to be a member of Asbury Church to join Confirmation.

The Confirmation Ceremony is the students' first public affirmation of the faith of the church as being their own faith. The Confirmand is taking responsibility for living as a member of the body of Christ and for fulfilling God's purposes. This includes building relationships with peers and adults who will support them in their faith. We strongly believe this is done through small group relationships long after Confirmation is over.

Asbury's Confirmation program consists of two years during 7th and 8th grade during which the Confirmand receives in-depth biblical teaching as well as lessons on what it means to be a United Methodist. We believe this is best done in the context of a small group. All students are put into small groups separated by grade and gender and paired with a trained adult mentor who will guide them through Confirmation. 

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