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Our sanctuary is heated and cooled by two HVAC units located on the roof above the Narthex. These units were installed in 1999 when the new sanctuary was being constructed. We have been informed that the life expectancy of these units is 15 to 18 years. Both units are now proving to be undependable resulting in:  


1) No heat for at least three services in the past two months

2) Several service calls in attempts to keep them working until they can be replaced.

Replacing both HVAC units will cost approximately $50,000. Ideally, both units would not need to be replaced at the same time. However, based on an assessment of current and projected maintenance costs to defer replacement of at least one of the units, it’s most cost effective for the church to replace them both now. While we budget for facility repairs each year and carry a small facilities reserve, an expenditure of this kind is significantly larger than these sources of funding.

With that in mind, we are coming to you, our congregation, to raise $50,000 through gifts and pledges this year. Our goal is to raise the full $50,000 cost of the units so our facilities reserve can remain intact for any future emergency facility needs. We recognize that making a financial gift to help maintain our facility may not seem as exciting to some as giving to a renovation fund, or directly to a ministry or mission of the church. These gifts, however, are of critical importance as they allow Asbury to continue to honor God by keeping His house a beautiful, inviting and comfortable place for our church family to worship Him each week!  

One way we could reach a $50,000 goal would be to receive 52 gifts or pledges as follows:

  • 2 gifts or pledges of $5,000        =      $10,000

  • 4 gifts or pledges of $2,500        =      $10,000

  • 6 gifts or pledges of $1,000        =      $6,000

  • 20 gifts or pledges of $500         =      $10,000

  • 50 gifts or pledges of $100          =      $5,000

  • 50 gifts of any amount                 =      $9,000
    TOTAL = $50,000

We ask for your prayerful giving. Please fill out the form by clicking the button above to indicate your participation in "Warm The Sanctuary." We ask that you submit the form by Sunday, February 25, 2018, and that all gifts be made prior to the end of 2018.

Like other gifts made to the church, gifts to the "Warm the Sanctuary" fund can be made electronically via EasyTithe. To go ahead and make a gift via EasyTithe, please select the "Warm the Sanctuary Fund" for your gift. Click here to go to our EasyTithe page.  As a reminder, ACH (bank account draw) is the preferred method of e-giving at Asbury given lower processing costs relative to credit cards, however, we welcome and appreciate all gifts.

Thank you for your consideration, and for helping us keep our sanctuary warm for years to come. Every gift large and small will make a difference.