Help us continue to improve our facilities to create a better worship experience, be better stewards of God’s creation, and continue to keep Asbury safe.

What We’re Asking

Sunday services at Asbury are enriched by the visual displays and sound controls provided by media specialist, Jesse Koopman. As with all technical systems Asbury’s visual and sound systems are aging and in need of repairs. The projectors in the sanctuary have reached their life expectancy. Temporary repairs are similar in cost to replacement of the equipment. Difficulties with the sound system have been identified as an issue since 2001 when the sanctuary was built. Solutions have been proposed three times since 2001 but not pursued. Currently several speakers do not work; repair would be costly and not solve the underlying acoustical problems. Given this information and in an effort to spend money wisely, Asbury is proposing that the visual and sound systems in the sanctuary be replaced.

During the rainstorm of August, 2018 the bridge walkway near the office entrance was damaged. The drainage problem at that entrance is evident by the presence of ice or pooling water throughout the year. Although water damage is not covered by insurance, repairs are mandatory. For safety reasons the sidewalk, bridge supports, and bridge walkway must be repaired. Asbury is asking for assistance in funding these necessary repairs.

Completion of these projects will cost $160,000. Each project has been carefully researched for the most reasonable price. Details of these projects and costs are available through Jesse Koopman and the Trustee Team. We are asking you, our congregation, to raise this money through gifts and pledges. We recognize that making a financial gift to help maintain our facility may not be as exciting as giving to a ministry or mission of the church, but these gifts are of critical importance. They will allow Asbury to continue to honor God by keeping His house a beautiful, inviting, and safe place for our church family to worship! 

How to Give

What’s Our Plan?

We ask for your prayerful giving and return of your commitment card by Sunday, July 14, 2019. You can also fill out your commitment card electronically below. If an installment plan is needed to fulfill your gift or pledge, note that on your commitment card or contact Ric Hoerz at  Sight, Sound, & Safety gift/pledge amounts can be made on the Asbury website by clicking on Give. Like other gifts to Asbury, gifts to Sight Sound & Safety can be made electronically via EasyTithe. To make a gift via EasyTithe, please select Sight Sound & Safety for your gift. Instructions on how to use EasyTithe can be found in sanctuary pews or on the Asbury website at As a reminder, ACH (bank account withdrawal) is the preferred method of e-giving due to processing fees associated with credit cards; however, all gifts are welcome and appreciated.

Here is our plan to reach the goal of $160,000. 

  • 1 gift or pledge of $20,000

  • 2 gifts or pledges of $15,000

  • 3 gifts or pledges of $10,000

  • 5 gifts or pledges of $5,000

  • 10 gifts or pledges of $2,000

  • 20 gifts or pledges of $1,000

  • 50 gifts or pledges of $300

  • TOTAL: $160,000