Week 4 - April 2-April 8

How’s your prayer life? I have been challenged over the last five weeks of this series “PRAY – Better, Harder, Stronger” by Moses, Daniel, Hezekiah, Jabez and Nehemiah. Yeah, they lived a long time ago, but wow, they could pray! And God moved!

Nehemiah’s heart broke over the condition of the city of Jerusalem and the Hebrew people.  The walls of Jerusalem were still broken down 140 years after the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon and Nehemiah had his Popeye moment and he said “That’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more.” Nehemiah’s burden and broken heart caused him to pray – earnestly, fervently and passionately.

What burden or brokenness causes you to pray – earnestly, fervently and passionately?

After Nehemiah prayed for three months he had the courage and conviction to ask King Artaxerxes to release him from his responsibilities as the cupbearer so he could go to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls, no easy task. God moved on the king’s heart, Nehemiah was granted his release and (fast forwarding through a lot of details) Nehemiah and hundreds of other Hebrew people rebuilt the city walls in 52 days.

When God gives us a burden, mixed with passionate praying, a strong dose of courage and conviction, vision and teamwork, great things happen!

Will you join me in mixing these same elements together today? Let’s see what God will do!

Carter BaldwinComment