Week 1 - March 5-11

We have just embarked on a worship series at Asbury titled, PRAY.  I have been very challenged in my preparation for this series because I have been forced to look at my own prayer life, my own lack and my own shortcomings when it comes to prayer.  I believe in prayer and believe prayer is something I should do, but it seems like there is often a barrier between belief and actually praying.  Can you relate?

But then I think of Moses on a hilltop in the Sinai desert lifting his hands to God and simply calling out “Help me, God.”  The Amalekite army was a fierce, warlike, nomadic tribe advancing against the Hebrew people.  Moses knew he needed God’s help and so he lifted his arms to heaven.  In the everyday battles we face, a good way to start the day is to lift our hands to heaven and pray “Help me, God.”  Uplifted hands is the natural instinct of a small child when he/she feels scared, vulnerable, weary or tired.”  “Lift me up, Mommy.”  Will you carry me Daddy?”

Why not take 5 minutes in the morning and express your need for God in the new day in the same way? We are off to a good start in our series PRAY.  I look forward to building on that start each week and to help us move to a deeper prayer life and a closer relationship with a heavenly Father who loves us and wants to hear from his children. Remember what I said Sunday – no one’s voice is sweeter to God than yours.


Together in Prayer, Pastor Harold

Carter BaldwinComment