Week 4 - March 26-April 1

I continue to be challenged by the prayers and the prayer life of those we have looked at during our current worship series on prayer: Moses, Daniel, Hezekiah, and Jabez. I have been challenged personally to PRAY – Better, Harder and Stronger. 

I love to read and apply the Scriptures, but this last week I have been praying the Scriptures as written in 1 Chronicles 4: 9-10. 

Have you ever prayed the Scriptures?  What does that mean? It is taking God’s word and speaking it into your life. It is personalizing God’s Word and praying it back to God asking Him to do in your life whatever is being articulated in the Scripture passage. 

It is taking the prayer of Moses or Daniel or Hezekiah or Jabez and making it your prayer. Give it a try today.

 Here is Jabez’ prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:10, “Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory!  May your hand be upon me, and keep me from evil so that I will not cause pain.”

Go ahead and pray that prayer and make it the desire of your heart. Here is my expansion of that prayer which includes some of the other elements of prayer we have been learning about in this prayer series.  I invite you to pray the following prayer the next several days:

Gracious and Mighty God, You are all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present. You alone are the living God. I praise You and I pray that You would bless me, indeed. I pray for Your best and Your supernatural involvement in my life.

Enlarge my territory. Increase the impact and influence of my one and only life. Energize the spiritual gifts, talents, abilities and personality you have given me and Spiritually empower me to greater things and greater impact SO THAT You would be glorified, others would be blessed and Your purpose for my life would be fulfilled.

May Your hand be upon me and keep me from evil SO THAT I might not cause pain to myself, others or You.

All this I ask humbly and boldly in the name of Jesus.



Carter BaldwinComment