Week 3 - March 19-25

On Monday night of this week I had two church meetings and I got called out.

It wasn’t the first time I got called out and probably won’t be the last time, but I actually loved it this Monday night. After I closed meeting number one in prayer one person looked at me and said, “So where is the ‘so that’?” Another person looked at me and said “So where is the confession?”

Wow, they were giving it to me!  Last Sunday I talked about Hezekiah’s prayer in 2 Kings 19 and how he ended his prayer with a “so that," “Lord answer this prayer so that all would know you alone, are the one true living God.” We are to end our prayers with a “so that”, praying that the Lord would answer our prayers so that others would see God, His purpose would be fulfilled, others would see His glory, come to know Him, His kingdom would advance, etc.  At the end of that meeting I missed ending my prayer with a “so that”.

I have also encouraged people to use the ACTS format for praying:  A – Adoration C – Confession T – Thanksgiving S - Supplication.  I forgot to include confession in my closing prayer.  Oops.


However, I got another chance to redeem myself as I opened my second meeting of the night in prayer.  I nailed it.  Straight ACTS.  Closed with a solid “so that”. I then looked at Brian, the one person who was at both meetings with me, and I asked, “Did I redeem myself?”  He nodded and smiled.

I invite you to nail it this week.  Pray straight ACTS.  Close with a solid “so that”. You have another chance to redeem yourself.  Then receive the nod and smile of God.

Carter BaldwinComment